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Katherine Ray Hanover is an interdisciplinary artist and designer with an interest in delivering creative narratives through a variety of digital mediums. Her work as an artist includes solo and collaborative projects, three-dimensional environments and animations, two-dimensional digital animations, print design, motion graphics, and social media content creation. Just as media and technology are constantly changing, Hanover describes her art process as being in a state of perpetual flux. Her approach in creating novel artwork and designs is continuously evolving. Inspiration for her creative process derives from the history and relationship between art and technology, personal experiences, and her surroundings. Hanover is experienced in crafting impactful, dynamic works that promote and individual or company's vision and brand to its fullest potential. She is a lifelong learner who is always seeking opportunities to gain knowledge from others and grow as a person and artist.  

As a Bay Area native, living so close to San Francisco has exposed Hanover to the city’s diverse way of thinking and accordingly their innovative art and design culture since a young age. For this reason, Hanover has always had an affinity for creative expression through various art mediums. In 2018, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Arts with a focus in Multimedia Design and a minor in Art History from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Hanover furthered her education and completed her Master’s Degree in Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2020.

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